Welcome to Oxford Permaculture. 

Oxford Permaculture aims to support education and practical projects around Oxford working towards an environmentally harmonious human society. Oxford is buzzing with groups engaging with the tricky issues of peak oil, consumer driven environmental degradation, economic chaos and disenchanted or dislocated people.  There are Low Carbon community groups working on energy decent action plans, local food initiatives like Good Food Oxford, Abundance, Cultivate, Incredible Edible Oxford and Eat Your School supporting increased local food security, and there are projects building community, and providing spaces for education and practical skills development like the Barracks Lane Community Garden, Hogacre Common Ecopark and the nascent Oxford City Farm and Westhill Farm projects. 

The Barracks Lane Community Garden in Oxford

Permaculture design with its core ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Shares offers a great set of tools for anyone trying to tackle stressful issues with hopeful positive solutions. Learning from and working with natural abundance and attempting to turn problems into solutions sets the scene for an appealling can-do culture of change.

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