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Oxford Permaculture Design Course

At the Barracks Lane Community Garden

Seven weekends between March and November 2010

Do you want to make our community more sustainable and resilient to changing climate? Do you want to develop your practical skills so you can grow your own food and evorenovate your home?

This Permaculture Design Course will help develop your skills and empower you as an agent for change in our society.  This course will focus on urban permaculture, food production and ecorenovation. The course will include theory and practical skill sessions and include supported space for participants to work on their own design projects

"Permaculture is a philosophy of … protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless labour."  -Masanobu Fukuoka, Japanese farmer and philosopher

Permanent-culture is a life sustaining society that doesn’t jeopardise the future.  Permaculture is variously described as common sense, revolution dressed up as gardening and an ethical design process.

Permaculture is working with nature to make a better world for all.  By observing the natural world we can glean wisdom and see that there are principles at work.  Permaculture design uses these principles to develop healthy, efficient, integrated systems to provide for our needs of food, water, shelter, energy and community.  Through Permaculture design we can improve the quality and productivity of our individual lives, our society and our environment.

Course dates:

27/28 March
24/25 April
29/30 May
26/27 June
18/19 September
30/31 October
27/28 November

The course will run from
10am until 5pm each day

Sliding scale depending
on income:

£225 (low income -
<12k per year),
£300 (12k-18k),
£375 (18k-25k)
£450 (25k +)
The course will be taught by:

Hannah Thorogood
(Dip. Perm. Des.),
Peter Cow
(Dip. Perm. Des.),
Peter Wheat,
Val Grainger and
Philip Pritchard.

View course syllabus

Download the OPC 2010 application form:
OPC Application form (pdf document)

For more information please contact:
Philip Pritchard 01865 718980 or e-mail

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